Monday, 27 August 2012

Colour me, this.....


Ruby Crush Jewellery
 is pleased to invite YOU to join in the fun at


To celebrate the imminent release of an 
outrageous new collection of 
we would like you to join us in a huge 
"colouring in" bash!

We will be awarding top prizes of Infamous 
Ruby Crush Jewellery
 and other cool shizzel to the winners and runners up.
we will be releasing the first illustration tonight at midnight GMT
How do I enter ?

Julian Lamb has produced a set of three beautiful, themed illustrations
 for you to download/copy and print off, then colour in....
simplicity itself!

Absolutely no rules with colouring mediums you can use.
Paint, pencils, crayons, chalks, etc, etc, even digital colourisation...
 anything goes!

How do I win those cool prizes ?

We will be looking for originality, technique, colour and neatness 
 but don't worry, it's not about staying "in the lines" 

You can colour as many as you wish, 
but we will accept only one of each illustration (per person)
Three in total.

There are no restrictions.... 
It's our belief that colouring in is for everyone to enjoy.
 All ages, all nations
 Everyone is welcome.

Great! what do I do next ?
When you've finished colouring, simply scan or take a photo of the completed work
and email it back to us at
and title your email, "Colour me this"

It's really that simple....

 As an added bonus, we will also be displaying those we particularly like on our blog, 
website and facebook pages, too.

Finalised dates and prize giving awards T.B.A.
we can only accept, three illustration entries maximum per household.
All entries must be emailed to

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