Thursday, 12 August 2010

PREVIEW : Black Cherry Skull collection

A stunning new collection from Ruby Crush

is at the design stages and should be available in the autumn
This will  run as a new gents and ladies ring, pendant, bracelet, and earrings
All will have a Cherry blossom, skull and snake theme.
I draw my inspiration from the superbly carved,Japanese netsuke of the Edo period.
The collection will include a signed, limited edition run of 
18ct gold, Cherry blossom, skull rings.
(non-edition  available in silver)


Monday, 22 February 2010

New Website...

   The last few months have been incredibly busy here at Ruby Crush H.Q. The lead into Christmas, frantic to say the least.... you see dear reader, this is my excuse for not writing as many new posts as I would have wished for.
  However, I'm pleased to announce that we have a great
   NEW WEBSITE.... where you'll see in greater detail our fabulous Custom Creations. Also we have, a new secure on line ordering facility and fully downloadable "prices and dimensions" form.

    And last but not least... the fabulous, NEW, Fetish Skull Ring.
This is a gorgeous ring in Sterling silver (also available in gold and platinum) and can be customized beautifully. Here are just a few examples

We've many, new, cool creations for 2010 planned... along with the much requested, Jim Morrison portrait ring.... we'll keep you posted!
   In the meantime, take a peek at the new site,