Saturday, 19 November 2011

NEW.... Skull Rings From The Vaults

 Greetings boys and girls....      Are we sitting comfortably ?

Then I shall begin.

   After receiving requests from Ruby Crush fans, customers and addicts, 
we have spent several months of toil, sculpting by candle light,
 deep within the vaults of
 Ruby Crush Castle.....

So, with great pleasure, I present our latest creations...
 Two superb, beautifully elegant, scaled down versions of the mighty Belladonna Skull ring 
and her little brother, 
the magnificent Absinthe Skull ring.



These beautiful, miniature works of art, have been painstakingly sculpted for many hours under high magnification.... they retain all the detail and character of their larger twins, but at half the size.....
or thereabouts.

   rock n' roll...

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Vintage Skull Ring Mayhem.

This beauty is owned by one of our first customer's
It was originally ordered with gold fangs and three sixes cut into the forehead.
well that was a few years ago.....
Since then it's undergone an amazing transformation.

Little by little, over a five year period,
 we've lovingly added fine white and yellow natural diamonds to the ocular and nasal cavities.
 Followed by a profusion of the finest red Rubies, black Sapphires and green, Tsavorite Garnets.

So, after you've ordered your Ruby Crush, creation in Silver (or Gold) 
the option is always their to add, customise and enhance........ 
should you need to.

Rock n' roll

Monday, 4 April 2011

NEW... Jim Morrison Ring!

After numerous requests, 
spanning at least five years, we have finally managed to complete the master wax pattern
 and bring this new piece into production.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen.... 

it is my great pleasure to present the latest

 Doors frontman:

The Jim Morrison ring
(shown in Sterling silver) 

 For more info regarding this and other
 RUBY CRUSH creations
contact us at 

God bless ya
J. x

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year, one and all....

The first fabulous Ruby Crush creation of 2011.

It's inspiration lies deep within the 
Art Nouveau genre....

 This beauty is a one of a kind It is the Belladonna skull ring, in silver, with gorgeous Moonstone gems set into the ocular and nasal cavities. The piece's beauty and elegance is heightened by the expertly hand- engraved, Victorian scroll pattern,

 "enough!!" I hear you cry.
 "show us the photo's"....

Tasty !!