Saturday, 19 November 2011

NEW.... Skull Rings From The Vaults

 Greetings boys and girls....      Are we sitting comfortably ?

Then I shall begin.

   After receiving requests from Ruby Crush fans, customers and addicts, 
we have spent several months of toil, sculpting by candle light,
 deep within the vaults of
 Ruby Crush Castle.....

So, with great pleasure, I present our latest creations...
 Two superb, beautifully elegant, scaled down versions of the mighty Belladonna Skull ring 
and her little brother, 
the magnificent Absinthe Skull ring.



These beautiful, miniature works of art, have been painstakingly sculpted for many hours under high magnification.... they retain all the detail and character of their larger twins, but at half the size.....
or thereabouts.

   rock n' roll...

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